Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Thanksgiving in California!

The kids table during the Turkey Feast!

So we had a last minute impulse to pack up the Clan and take a road trip to California for Turkey Day! We packed up some turkey sandwiches, a bunch of junk food, liquids to hydrate in a cooler and headed down the road -- since gas prices are so low these days. Nicolette and Tim were gracious enough to let us crash at their place for the weekend. 

Cousins Rock! (missed Zac -- you did awesome at the soccer game!)

It was awesome to see everyone...it has been too long. The kids loved seeing their cousins and we had a bunch of laughs, great conversation, good eats, reminiscing and created new great memories with everyone. It was great to see Liz, Travis and Liam, and Sergio...we miss you guys already. Thanks a million Tim and Nic for your hospitality - you guys ROCK! Can't wait to see you guys on the slopes at the best snow in the world out here in UTAH! : )

The entire gang (minus Zac) at Seaport Village in San Diego

Perfect way to end a perfect day in sunny California with Family!

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